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I'm going to test out some math functions here:

Example equation 1.1

Sample mean of data above the detection limit:

Sample Variance of data above the detection limit:

Intermediate parameters for Cohen's adjustment:

Estimating the corrected sample mean using Cohen's adjustment:

Estimating the corrected sample standard deviation using Cohen's adjustment:

Tolerance limit calculation:

Probable occurance rate using the Poisson Distribution:

Format of the Chi-square for the Poisson Distribution:

Sailing for deletion[edit]

Hi Dmcalist,

I'm thinking of nominating your photo Image:Sailing.jpg on WP:IFD, but more so that it can be renamed, rather than deleted. The problem is that it is shadowing a rather fine image on the Commons at [1]. One or the other should be renamed, and the one on Commons seems more appropriate for such a generic filename and is probably being used more widely. -- Solipsist 16:04, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Solipsist - go for it and delete / rename the image. I am sure you can tell by my slow response time, but I do not log into the wiki very often. Thanks.

Talk:Homebrewing comment deletion[edit]

Just wondering. Why did you delete my response regarding mead and cider? --Elliskev 18:25, 23 March 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]